Air New Zealand Summer Wonderland
Sportsbet - Whiteboard
Honda Feel Free
White Pages - Steamy Romance
Sportsbet - Break the Tension
Sportsbet - The Curse
Maximum Choppage
Mission Foods - Mexico
Hotels Combined - Cabin Fever
Elegant Gentleman's Guide to Knife Fighting
Carnival - Serenity
Carnival Cruises
Lamb - Barbie Girl Music Video
King Gee - Wet T-shirt
Northcote (So Hungover)
Expedia Pacific Islands
Lamb - Sam Kekovich Lambassador Speech
Hooroo - We are all travellers
Expedia Thailand
Lawrence Leung's Unbelievable
Detective Clive Pugh recites Shakespeare
The Chaser's War On Everything
John Safran's Race Relations
Door to Door Atheism
John Safran Visits the KKK
Elizabeth Dylan
Qantas Choir
John Safran's vs God
Tram Inspector
Dentally Disturbed
TISM Thunderbirds are coming out
Extreme Mormons
P&O Landlubbers
American Baguette
Are You Being Shagged?
The Ken Done Code
Lawrence Leung's Choose Your Own Adventure
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